ROSHN plays leading role at Big 5 International Building and Construction Show

  1. ROSHN secures Platinum Sponsorship for Dubai’s Big 5 International Building and Construction Show for 2022
  2. David Grover, Group GCEO of ROSHN, delivers keynote speech, and ROSHN GCDO Oussama Kabbani participates in panel discussion on Creating a Construction Playbook for the Future


Dubai, UAE – 6 December 2022: ROSHN, Saudi Arabia’s largest real estate developer and Platinum Sponsor of 2022’s Big 5 International Building and Construction Show, presents its vision for modern, integrated, and sustainable communities on the global stage. David Grover, Group Chief Executive Officer of ROSHN, delivered a keynote address at the Global Construction Leaders’ Summit, while Group Chief Development Officer, Oussama Kabbani, took part in a panel discussion on Creating a Construction Playbook for the Future.

Industry and government leaders came together in Dubai to kick off a series of discussions on the future and sustainability of the construction industry. As the Middle East, Africa and South Asia experiences industry-wide growth supported by ambitious government agendas, the event provided a platform to enable collaboration, an exchange of best practices to pave the way to building a more sustainable future for the industry, planet and people.

“The Big 5 International was another paramount opportunity for ROSHN to share its concept for a new way of living with its international peers, and to learn about the latest developments in the global industry. These vital exchanges of knowledge and networking with the industry’s best are key to ROSHN’s success, and our ability to not only meet our mandate but to ensure we are doing so with the highest standards, alongside the leading partners,” said GCEO David Grover.

In a wide-ranging keynote speech, GCEO David Grover set out ROSHN’s ambitions for the future, in line with Vision 2030’s target of 70% homeownership. Grover also used his time onstage to demonstrate ROSHN’s commitment to a creating a new, social, integrated and more sustainable way of life for the Saudi people. This year’s event was particularly focused on future-proofing the sector and ensuring today’s commitments can meet tomorrow’s sustainability targets.

The Big 5 is one of the largest and most influential events for the construction industry, attracting over 100,000 participants. It brings together leading real estate developers, architects, contractors, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, and distributors from around the world to network, build relationships and exchange knowledge.

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