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ROSHN Real Estate Company

Unit No: 4898, Building No: 2877
King Abdullah Financial District, King Fahad Road,
Alaqiq District
Zip Code - 13519
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Jeddah Office

The Headquarters Business Park, Al Kurnaysh Road, Jeddah.
Floor: 28

ROSHN Sales Centre

ROSHN Sales Centre,
SEDRA district – Riyadh

Telephone: 920022288

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Operating with integrity and complying with all applicable laws and regulations are crucial elements of ROSHN's commitment to becoming the most trusted community developer in the Kingdom. From our workplace to our communities, we value respect, kindness and tolerance when interacting with one another. As ROSHN is a diverse environment that welcomes people from all over the world, we prioritise all employees' health, safety, and dignity.

For these priorities to be met, employees must feel like they belong and work together. Wrongdoing and illegal activities that go against our internal policies must be eliminated, and the employer, employees, and stakeholders must be protected from loss. In line with ROSHN's principles, which include Empowerment, Responsibility, Safety, Sustainability, Trust, Integrity, and Opportunity, we aim to realise such priorities. As a proactive step to implement our policies, the GRC Team has established a whistleblowing channel and a GRC-monitored confidential email address for our employees and stakeholders to anonymously report any unethical or illegal activities and behaviours within ROSHN, with complete protection and without revealing their identity. The allocated whistleblowing email is