ROSHN and KFCRIS Launch Saudi Women’s Book & Glossary

  1. ROSHN signs an agreement with KFCRIS to sponsor the Saudi Women Project, a comprehensive research initiative into the history of women’s role in the Kingdom.
  2. Saudi Women’s Book and Glossary explores women’s contributions to Saudi language, customs, and nation-building.


ROSHN Group, the PIF-owned giga-project and Saudi Arabia’s most trusted real estate developer has signed an agreement with King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies (KFCRIS) to further appreciate and preserve Saudi women’s unique identity with the release of the first Saudi Women’s Book and Glossary, as part of the Saudi Women Project. The agreement was signed at KFCRIS in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Haifa AlFaisal, a member of the Board of Trustees of the King Faisal Foundation, and Her Royal Highness Princess Maha AlFaisal, Secretary General of the KFCRIS, with ROSHN represented by Group Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Ghada Alrumayan and KFCRIS represented by Assistant Secretary-General Ibrahim Aldeghaither and Dr. Dalal AlHarbi, the Director of the Saudi Women’s Project and scientific supervisor of the book and glossary that is be being developed by the centre.

Saudi Women’s Book and Glossary is a comprehensive study of the role of Saudi women in the formation of the Kingdom’s national identity and the preservation of its customs and traditions. The book is backed by extensive methodological research into the national and regional customs that women have passed on through the generations, from rituals around births and weddings to caring for family and interacting with society. It carefully documents Saudi women’s contributions to education, attire, and occupations. The book is also supplemented by a glossary of the vocabulary related to women in Saudi heritage in all of the diverse regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The partnership will further accelerate ROSHN’s progress towards its goals to empower Saudis looking to buy a house, increase home ownership, and transform urban living in line with Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious goals.

The Saudi Women Project is a pioneering cultural research undertaking, which seeks to represent all aspects of Saudi women’s lived reality, from the Kingdom’s unification in 1932. Through the publication of Saudi Women’s Book and Glossary, the project presents the social, economic, and cultural developments of women’s role in Saudi society, with the focus on their customs and traditions, in an unprecedented effort to preserve this unique Saudi story for generations to come.

“This project comes at a decisive moment in the history of Saudi women, with our contributions to the Kingdom’s advancement at a high tide, with Vision 2030 on the horizon. As we survey our accomplishments as a nation, it fills me with immense pride to see women excel across different sectors, as doctors and engineers, in the arts and sports, or raising the next generation of Saudi pioneers. At ROSHN, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to empowering women with the skills and support to thrive in our dynamic, growing economy,” said Ghada AlRumayan, ROSHN Group's Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

The King Faisal Centre for Research and Islamic Studies (KFCRIS) was established by the King Faisal Foundation (KFF) in 1983 to maintain the late King’s mission of exchanging knowledge between the Kingdom and the world. KFCRIS brings together local and international researchers and organizations to produce sociological research and engage in intercultural dialogue. KFCRIS also houses the Al-Faisal Cultural House, its publishing arm, the King Faisal Centre Library, the Faisal Family Archives, and Al-Faisal Museum for Arab-Islamic Art, housing valuable collections of Islamic art, rare manuscripts, and pieces related to the memory of the late King Faisal.

ROSHN’s partnership with KFCRIS is part of the Group’s wider strategy to improve the quality of life across the Kingdom by leveraging its reach and resources to create tangible impacts. This agreement, in particular, aligns with the Group’s core values of opportunity and empowerment, alongside a number of other initiatives that have empowered Saudi women and upheld Saudi culture, including ROSHN’s pioneering RETURN program, which enables women to re-enter the workforce with dedicated training programs, as well as the Group’s partnership with Nusf, The Arab Institute for Women’s Empowerment, and participation in its recent Walk the Talk mentorship initiative which offers Saudi women a unique opportunity to network and learn from accomplished female professionals.

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