ROSHN Waterfront

ROSHN waterfront in Jeddah, is one of the biggest and most beautiful fronts. It consists of various amenities, atractions and entertainment activities. The front has become the destination for over 55 million visitors annually.

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Waterfront Map

Al-NAWRAS Square is the primary and most significant square in terms of area. The name is given after the figure of the seagull (Nawras in Arabic). Today, Al Nawras square is one of Jeddah’s most prominent landmarks.
AL-ASDAF the arabic word of Seashels, it is the closest zone to the main road and it was named based on the artistic shapes located within the area
This zone is one of the most nostalgic places for Jeddah residents. Al-Tawheed contains one of Jeddah’s oldest iconic landmarks, which the zone is named after.
AL-REMAL is the Arabic word for “Sand”. The zone includes a public beach area. Where the visitors can enjoy its sandy beaches.
AL-LULU, which means pearls in Arabic. In relation to the open museum inspired by pearls. This zone contains a variety of art objects.
The Arabic word for fisherman, AL-SAYYAD is the fishing area in the waterfront and it was the inspiration of the zone’s name.
AL-KHALEEJ is the Arabic wording for “Bay”. It was named based on the inspiration of its bay shaped area. This zone contains the largest interactive fountain.

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