ROSHN Supercharges its App with Boxo Partnership

  1. ROSHN and Boxo set to collaborate on three projects based on Boxo’s proprietary platforms.
  2. Agreement will boost the functionality of the ROSHN App, which currently houses Community Services and Digital Sales Journey.


ROSHN Group, the PIF-owned giga-project and Saudi Arabia’s most trusted developer, has heralded a substantial increase in the capabilities of its superapp through its latest agreement with Boxo, the Singapore-based tech firm. The two companies participated in a signing ceremony at ROSHN HQ, where they set out a framework for collaboration to enhance three core capabilities based on Boxo’s proprietary platforms.

ROSHN are commissioning three projects, allowing facility appointments management, an e-commerce marketplace, and mobility-as-a-service to be fully integrated within ROSHN’s applicaiton, which is designed to improve both the resident and guest experience throughout the Group’s communities and properties. Boxo White-Label Marketplace Module will provide inventory management services and enterprise e-commerce capabilities, and Boxo Miniapp Platform will increase the opportunity for co-creation within the ROSHN App framework, potentially allowing any eligible application developer to publish their own apps within ROSHN’s App.

Boxo, formerly known as Appboxo, is a Singapore-based tech company that enables the seamless integration of value-added services into existing apps through their use of pre-built, white-label miniapps. Boxo is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of SuperApps globally, supporting existing apps in offering multiple services to their users beyond their core business. A SuperApp is an application with capabilities that were traditionally associated with entire platforms, providing end users with multiple functionalities within its own ecosystem.

ROSHN’s agreement with Boxo demonstrates the Group’s strategic use of partnerships to raise the bar for the Saudi real estate agency by selecting world-class collaborators and emphasizes its continuous push to stay ahead of the curve in implementing cutting-edge technology. By enhancing convenience for residents and vendors alike, in line with its core values of opportunity and empowerment, ROSHN Group is setting the foundations for a better quality of life and greater economic growth within its destinations.

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