ROSHN Group Joins Smart City Expo World Congress as Global Partner, Showcasing Saudi Arabia’s Leadership in Sustainable Urban Transformation

  1. ROSHN is participating in the world’s largest and most influential urban transformation and smart city event as both sponsor and participant, contributing to important discussions on how new technology is enabling cities of the future
  2. Participation reflects ROSHN and Saudi Arabia’s commitment to integrated smart city technology, innovation, and sustainability to address real world challenges


ROSHN Group, Saudi Arabia’s leading national real estate developer and PIF-owned giga-project, today joins the Smart City Expo World Congress, the world’s biggest and most influential urban innovation event, in Barcelona, Spain as a Global Partner. ROSHN’s partnership reflects its values and commitment to using innovation and smart technology to build the sustainable, people-first cities of the future.

Alongside sponsoring the Congress, ROSHN leadership team members will contribute their viewpoints and expertise to the Tomorrow.Building World Congress, as part of ROSHN’s commitment to engaging with stakeholders and sharing knowledge of its experience in empowering innovation and integrating smart city technology into its developments, in-line with its values of sustainability, empowerment, and responsibility. David Grover, GCEO of ROSHN Group will offer his insight into how cities can aid the fight against climate change, emphasizing ROSHN’s sustainability agenda and outlining how it contributes to the Kingdom’s global leadership role on responding to climate challenges. Giovanna Carnevali, ROSHN’s Executive Director of Master Planning, will also join a roundtable to further expand on ROSHN’s sustainability commitment, discussing how renewable technologies are being integrated into ROSHN’s urban design.

“We are honored to support and take part in this vital and world leading global congress. This is an important opportunity to empower sustainable and future-facing urban transformations around the world in response to the pressing challenges of climate change that we, the global community, must come together to address. At ROSHN, we embrace smart technology as a vital tool to enable and enhance sustainability and livability, and we are proud to be supporting the Kingdom’s own commitments and leadership in this area as part of its Saudi Vision 2030 ambitions. We look forward to sharing our experience in this important field with the Smart City Expo World Congress and showcase how smart city technologies can benefit residents, visitors, the environment, and local economies,” said David Grover, GCEO of ROSHN Group.

Smart city technology and other cutting-edge innovations are key to ROSHN’s development of its integrated communities, fostering a sustainable lifestyle through a range of domestic and community functions, including home security, irrigation, and intelligent transport solutions. In light of this wide-ranging adoption of smart city technology, ROSHN is also entered into the World Smart City Awards for which David Grover is nominated in recognition of his contributions to smart city development over the last decade. ROSHN’s partnership with the Smart City Expo World Congress follows its success in securing the BSI (British Standards Institution) Kitemark for Smart Cities. ROSHN is the first company in the India, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (IMETA) region, among the first in the private sector globally, and one of the top 20 organisations around the world to achieve this prestigious international certification.

“At ROSHN, as a PIF-powered giga-project, we are charged with being one of the key enablers of Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious goals – including around sustainability and urban transformation. With this responsibility, we are determined to set new standards for sustainable, innovation-led real estate development in the region, reshaping urban environments with climate change friendly technologies, designs, and approaches. By taking part in this important forum, we look forward to showcasing these standards to a global audience, sharing our experience, and learning from our counterparts around the world, demonstrating Saudi Arabia’s future-facing, sustainability-focused and people-centric approach,” said Giovanna Carnevali, ROSHN’s Executive Director of Master Planning.

The Tomorrow Building World congress is held within the framework of the Smart City Expo World Congress, the world’s biggest and most influential event on urban innovation. The Congress aims to connect leaders from the most innovative companies, governments and organizations to move cities towards a better future. The Forum’s discussions will follow eight tracks: Enabling technologies, Energy and Environment, Mobility, Governance and Economy, Living and Inclusion, Infrastructure and Building, Safety and Security, and the Blue Economy, discovering how we can promote the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth while also improving the health of marine ecosystems.

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