ROSHN unveils "ALFULWA," its first project in the Eastern Province


ROSHN Group, the leading real estate developer in the Kingdom and one of the Public Investment Fund's giga projects, has announced the launch of "ALFULWA," its fourth residential community in the Kingdom, covering an area of more than 10.8 million square metres and located 7 kilometres from the centre of Al Ahsaa Governorate, the major urban centre in the Al Ahsaa Oasis in the Eastern Province. The project will feature more than 18,000 residential units with a population capacity of over 100,000 people.

“We are delighted to put our footprint in the Eastern Province, especially in Al Ahsaa Governorate, with ALFULWA project. This project reflects ROSHN’s dedication to enhancing the urban landscape across the Kingdom. Over the next few years, our objective is to create residential developments that provide the Saudi community with access to modern amenities in a sustainable and natural environment. ALFULWA project marks the fourth community launched by ROSHN, following the successful introduction of SEDRA and WAREFAH in Riyadh and ALAROUS in Jeddah. With a focus on enriching the quality of life and fostering vibrant communities, ROSHN is committed to realising the objectives outlined in Saudi Vision 2030," expressed David Grover, ROSHN's Group CEO, while commenting on the project's launch.

ALFULWA project extends ROSHN's vision of promoting the concept of sustainable housing and making it available to the largest possible segment of the Saudi society. In its design and construction, ALFULWA adheres to the sustainability principle, contributing to a 18% reduction in energy consumption costs. In addition, the project incorporates unique architectural features of the Eastern Province's buildings, which combine horizontal grooves and carefully crafted details, making it an ideal example of traditional architecture.

Built near Dakhna Mountain and Al Qarah Mountain, ALFULWA project illustrates the unique cultural and geographical heritage of the region, providing an ideal mix of urban facilities amidst the stunning mountainous nature. The new residential community will also be developed in accordance with the ROSHN Group's key design DNA, by providing high-quality residences, connected to a range of integrated utilities and public spaces that together form vibrant communities.

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